“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

About Me

The road to photography began with my Dad - an avid photographer who would don his trusty MINOLTA film camera and bag of lenses wherever we went. Be it family events, outings, overseas trips - he kept it with him at ALL times. To his credit my family is indebted to him for capturing countless amazing memories through the years.

While I didn't appreciate it at that time, I was always piqued by his relentless pursuit for "snapping the moment”. Drawing from this inspiration, I picked up my very first camera in 2007 - a Nikon D90 and 50mm lens. It was all I could afford at that time. So I worked with it day and night and fell in love with this new world where my creativity could be expressed.

I've always believed that the type of photography we venture into is often a reflection of our personalities. I love taking photos of people, so portraiture drew me in immediately and still remains my first love. Over time I did more weddings and family shoots which offered a lot more spontaneity. This love for people and adventure culminated into a deep desire for documenting life through the power of imagery.

While the tools, technology and Instagram filters continue to evolve, my style has always remained the same - which is to capture natural, unassuming, unrehearsed moments of people in their element. That is the gift that I wish to share with you.

It can be daunting for some to be in front of a camera (interestingly, that's how I feel too). With a little direction, my hope is to deliver a set of memories that will bring the tears and laughter flowing again. Allow me to do that for you.

Au revoir