Feel free to contact me directly at +65-93837745 or email We can discuss your exact requirements and work out a quote from there. I welcome enquiries from all faiths and cultures.

I do not have a fixed pricing structure at this point. Rates vary based on a number of factors such as the:

  • Type of photoshoot (e.g. weddings, families, events, etc ?)
  • Number of people in attendance (e.g. family of 5 Vs wedding of 500 guests?)
  • Number of prints (5 Vs 100+?)
  • Number of days/hours (2hrs Vs 20hrs for 2 days?)

Note: I am highly supportive of non-profit organizations that are involved in charity/pro-bono work. If you fall in this category, I’ll be happy to provide a very decent discount. After all, it’s all for a good cause! Just be ready with the details.