Ben & Hannah

Ben & Hannah’s wedding reception has got to be one of the best I’ve attended. There was a warmth and special touch to it – the Fullerton ballroom was stunning, the MC, speeches, video tribute, and of course the beautiful newly weds…everything came together very well. I was a guest and seeing that I wouldn’t know anyone there, I shamelessly suggested to Ben the idea of taking some photographs along with his official photographer, Ash. I really didn’t want to be bogged down with all my heavy equipment so I used the light and trustworthy 50mm lens. Wedding photography is a different deal compared to outdoor shoots.  You need to constantly adapt to the different lighting and simply cannot afford to miss the special moments. Was a great learning experience and I know exactly what gear I’m going to buy for my next assignment (24-70mm!). Many congrats to you Ben & Hannah!

October 8, 2009 - 12:16 am

Benjamin “The Groom” Lee As the groom featured in the photos, I thought I’d give my 2 cents worth:

Great shots, buddy! Thanks for your heartfelt tribute to what was a very special day for us too! Some of your candids are fantastic and I especially like the ones with the “back of bridesmaids” and our lovely flower girl, Ellie, posing for you 🙂

Shooting under poorly lit amber light is definitely challenging and I thought you did very well without compromising too much on ISO and sharpness.

God bless,

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